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Green Building, as it has become known, has many faces.

Green building is about efficiency and being environmentally- friendly, and it applies to both design and construction. Minimizing waste and making value decisions (payback on investment) are also factors. The following are some areas for consideration:

An efficient use of the building site; preserving it's features when possible, giving consideration to movement of soils, trees and building orientation on the site.

Using the southern exposure for solar gain. Minimizing heat loss at the northern exposure. Positioning entrances away from (or protected from) the direction of incoming bad weather. Insulation, high-performance glass, moisture barriers and air-infiltration products are commonplace ways of achieving more energy-efficiency as well. Maintenance- free building materials are green products. High-tech equipment for heating, cooling and water conservation are more expensive "green solutions".

These are just some of the more popular features of "green building". You can easily be more "green" should you desire to.

I founded my firm in 1981 in the midst of a deep recession and an energy crisis. I have been focused on efficient construction and energy-efficiency from day one and continue to do so today. All of the projects featured in the "Projects" section of this site contain elements of green building.


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